Thank you for visiting my website with my private collection football jerseys! 


I'm Ron van Ruremonde, 32 years old, living in Best (the Netherlands) and a Dutch collector of football jerseys. 


I've bought my first shirt, FC Kaiserslautern, at a garage sale, and so began my passion for jerseys. I guess it was in 2010. My favorite jersey has number 23 on the back. 


I'm collecting jerseys from clubs all over the world. Vintage, odd, ugly, beautiful, new or used.  For example: Ajax, FC Barcelona, LA Galaxy, Boca Juniors or AC Milan. Maybe, I like the smaller ones, e.g. NEC Nijmegen, Swieqi United FC, Ter Leede, Pumas Unam or Slovan Bratislava more.


Current total: 318! You can see them all here.


If you're cleaning up and you find any football shirts, please don't throw away. You can send them to me! Please, contact me for my address.